Home remedies for BULIMIA

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Home remedies for BULIMIA


1. Do not eat any sugar or sugary foods. Avoid all junk food and white flour products. A
simple, nourishing diet is urgently needed in order to restore the needed balance in life.

2. The person should expect to experience temporary anxiety, depression, insomnia, and
possible irritation, as he attempts to break with the old way of life. But the rewards are
outstanding and well- worth the effort.

3. CCK (cholecystokinin-pancreozymin) is a hormone, found in the small intestine and
brain which signals a satisfied feeling and that it is time to stop eating. When a person
gets into a pattern of overeating, that hormone is not properly produced. So the person
only feels satisfied after heavily overeating a meal.

4. The only solution is to rigorously eat just so much, even though it does not seem like
enough. Eventually, the hormone will start being produced again in the proper amount at
the proper time.

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