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1. Carpal tunnel syndrome tea
1 teaspoon chopped valerian root
2 teaspoons white willow bark
2 cups cold water
Combine the herbs in a pan and cover with the cold water. Soak overnight, strain. Take
up to one cup a day, a tablespoon at a time. This tea can help relieve nerve pain.

2. There are many simple things that you can do to keep carpal tunnel syndrome at bay. One
of the easiest things to do is to use fat tool handles. If your tool handles are not fat then
use some rubber grip to fatten it. This makes them easier to grip and reduces the pressure
on the carpal tunnel. Also keep this tip in mind if you like to workout with free weights.
Keep knives and other cutting tools sharp so that less pressure is exerted on the median
nerve. Do not hold a pen with a tight grip while writing. Once again, when buying a pen
opt for one that has a thicker grip.

3. To avoid carpel tunnel syndrome, it is advised to stay in shape. Keep a close watch on
nutrition you are getting and take sound sleep at night.

4. Always wear a wrist splint, especially at night. For carpel tunnel relief at night a splint is
the best option. If the pain is severe, you can also wear the carpel tunnel splint while
working on the computer. There are special wrist supports available in the market, which
are specifically designed for people who are affected by carpal tunnel syndrome. They
support your wrist while allowing you to manipulate a mouse or type on a keyboard with

5. Carpel tunnel relief can also be got by using ice. You can apply an ice pack on your
aching wrist, as it will lessen the pain. If ice is unavailable, go for a hot treatment. Apply
a heating pad on the aching wrist and leave it on for some time. Carpel tunnel syndrome
treatment at home involves the use of preventive measures and exercises. However, it is
best to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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