Home remedies for CYSTITIS

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Home remedies for CYSTITIS



Cucumber juice is one of the most useful home remedies in the treatment of cystitis. It is
a very effective diuretic. A cup of this juice, mixed with one teaspoon of honey and a
tablespoon of fresh lime juice, should be given three times daily.

2. Cranberry is one of the best herbal remedies for cystitis and all types of bladder
infections. Quality cranberry juice produces hippuric acid in the urine, which adds acidity
to the urine preventing bacterial growth. Drink 1 quart of cranberry juice
daily. Attention: You must drink pure, unsweetened juice from a quality health store.
You can also take cranberry capsules with lots of pure water.

3. Cystitis curing infusion:1 tsp. birch leaves (a natural diuretic that reduces cystitis pain)
1 tsp. dandelion (cleanses the liver and flushes kidneys relieving bladder pain)
1 tsp. hydrangea (good for flushing the urinary tract)
Mix all herbs and add boiling water, simmer for one minute, strain and drink two cups a

4. Fresh juice of the flowers of drumstick is another effective remedy for cystitis. For better
results, a teaspoon of the juice, mixed with half a glass of tender coconut water, should be
given twice daily. It acts as a diuretic in the treatment of this disease.

5. Eat plenty blueberries, they have been just as good as cranberry juice for relieving cystitis

6. Take Goldenseal extracts for 3 days and discontinue. This is especially good for bleeding
cystitis, it has antiseptic properties and it is an antibacterial agent.

7. The oil of sandalwood is also considered valuable in this disease. This oil should be given
in doses of five drops in the beginning and gradually increased to ten to thirty drops. The
efficacy of this oil can be increased by the addition of one teaspoon of carom seeds mixed
in a glass of water, or ten grams of ginger mixed in cup water.

8. Uva ursi (bearberry, a type of cranberry) used in small amounts and added to a cup of
herbal tea acts as a diuretic and antiseptic combating E. Coli the bacteria that causes

Home remedies for CYSTITIS

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