Home remedies for SCABIES

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Home remedies for SCABIES


1. Most scabies natural cures comprise of ingredients like margosa oil, tea tree oil and
Vitamin E.

2. Margosa oil, which has been central to traditional medicine in ancient India remains just
as popular today, and has been found to contain antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Margosa oil is in fact recommended by most naturopaths and practitioners of traditional
medicine for a variety of skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis and scabies.

3. Tea tree oil is another commonly used ingredient that is popular in some parts as an
effective natural cure for scabies. It is believed to be most effective when used in a
mixture, made from 10 ml tea tree oil and 90 ml distilled witch hazel. Studies over the
past years into the properties of tea tree oil and its effectiveness as a scabies treatment
have been quite promising and documentation of resistance against anti-ectoparasitic
compounds is increasing.

4. A bowl of fresh organic fruits like orange and apple and maybe a slice of pineapple. You
can also blend these fruits together, with some water and a glass of milk and have a
smoothie instead. Consuming a few cloves of garlic at breakfast should also be helpful.

5. There are also other natural treatments and herbal remedies that are recommended for
scabies treatment, but you do need to exercise caution even when administering natural
treatments. Many herbs in particular are known to contain chemicals and toxins that can
be fatal if administered incorrectly or pose a risk of drug interaction.

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