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You need to know the difference between a heart attack, cardiac arrest and a stroke - Guide for Healthy Tips

According to some people, stroke, heart attack and cardiac arrest are one and the same. These conditions differ in symptoms, background and severity. It is important to know the differences between conditions, to know how to help the patient, and to prevent any of the conditions to become more serious. Infarction This refers to a blood circulation disorder, and if the blood flow is blocked or deprived of oxygen, the blood will not reach the heart muscle and can kill the organ if it is not treated...

You must try! A coffee mask for a fresh face! - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet While scientists were discussing whether coffee is healthy or not, how much coffee should you drink daily, and so on. One thing is clear: coffee is great for the skin when it comes to autumn care. Perhaps you did not know that coffee strengthens the skin, reduces wrinkles and swelling of the face. Cocoa dries your skin, gives it freshness, makes it soft and at the same time soothes irritation. Coffee mask for a fresh face When you put in the coffee and cocoa combination ...

Why you should drink water on an empty stomach immediately after awakening! - Guide for Healthy Tips

The Japanese have a very healthy habit of drinking water as soon as they wake up. It has also been proven that the health benefits of this habit help in the treatment of serious diseases. Drinking water after waking you will prevent and treat headaches, epilepsy, cardiovascular and renal diseases, diabetes, problems with the menstrual cycle, problems with the throat and nose, gastritis, etc. Water treatment You should drink 160 ml of water, 4 times, as soon as you wake up. You can brush your...

This man ate 2 tablespoons of coconut oil twice a day, and it happened to his brain - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Coconut oil is famous for its innumerable health benefits. Although it is generally used for moisturizing, dental care and as a delicious vegetable oil, Dr. Newport believes that this is also useful for improving cognition. The theory of Dr. Mary Newport surrounds the idea that digestion of coconut oil causes the production of ketones. Ketones, in her opinion, could become an alternative fuel for the brain, which can benefit those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Steve...



A large number of adults and many children just lose hot dogs. Nevertheless, we all know that this food contains almost no nutrients.

However, hot dogs are usually included in the breakfast along with bread, eggs, cheese, coffee or milk.

However, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, consumption of only one hot dog daily raises the risk of colorectal cancer by 21%. Moreover, children who eat 12 or more hot dogs within a month are more susceptible to the development of any serious illness, especially leukemia.

Namely, hot dogs are rich in numerous chemical substances and artificial compounds, which lead to various infections and malignant tumors. These cholesterol-containing substances that cause cancer have the ability to cause tumor formation in living tissue.

This is an overview of the content:

  • Pork

  • Mechanically divided chicken

  • Mechanically divided turkeys

  • Less than 2% salt

  • taste

  • Corn syrup

  • Dextrose

  • Sodium Diacetate

  • Sodium nitrate

  • Sodium ascorbate

  • Phosphates of sodium

  • Sodium lactic acid

    Namely, as soon as the food is heated, the cooked meat products contain nitrates and nitrites, which together with the amines form nitrosamines, and are shown to cause cancer.

    In addition, hot dogs contain numerous animal remains, such as skins, heads, fat tissues, feet and many other by-products of the butcher. Moreover, hot dogs contain even more terrible additional items.

    Namely, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) under the Freedom of Information Act reported that numerous other unusual objects were discovered in this food, such as larvae, rat legs, bandages, disposable blades, parts of eyeballs, metal sections and glass Splinters.

    So, are you still planning hot dogs for your next delicious meal?



This is exactly how much water you need to drink every day to ensure maximum weight loss - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Water does not receive the same media attention as green tea, antioxidants and the latest fad diets. Nevertheless, it plays a much more important role in our daily lives and our bodies. Our bodies consist of about 60% water, and each system depends on it. Water is important for healthy skin, hair and nails, as well as for monitoring body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. Losing excess weight can be very difficult, but fortunately, switching to an old good H2O can ...

They told you that it was good to drink hot water with lemon, but they did not tell you about it - Guide for Healthy Tips

There are many experts who argue that lemon water before breakfast has great health benefits, in fact you have the right reason to start drinking lemon water because it is the best way to keep your body hydrated and also helps to eliminate harmful toxins. In lemon you will find such nutrients as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamins A, C and B, as well as fibers of pectin, proteins and carbohydrates. Lemonic acid of lemon possesses strong antibacterial and antiviral force, and also...

These 9 Pain Types Are Directly Linked To Emotional Stress - Guide for Healthy Tips

window.___gcfg = {lang:'en_US',parsetags: 'onload'};window.___gcfg = {lang:'en_US',parsetags: 'onload'};Western medicine has ignored the connection between the body and emotions, spirit and mind. People often experience connections between the emotional and physical, but this connection is usually ignored. You need to begin a journey towards true health. Start by paying attention to the following signs:Pain in the headPain in the head, such as headaches might be caused by everyday stress. You need...

There is no more plaque, bad breath, Tatar and oral bacteria. Use only 1 point! - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Drawing oil can be the best method for oral care. This means that swinging 1 tablespoon of this for 20 minutes will result in the removal of bacteria and improve the condition of the oral cavity. This method is also similar to detox for your teeth, gums and bad breath, and it can also be used to whiten your teeth. Many people have tried it. They claimed that they were distant infections, skin problems, hormonal imbalances and headaches. In addition, there will be no more unpleasant...

The amazing mask removes stains, scars, acne and wrinkles from the first use, just like magic! - Guide for Healthy Tips

A young face with a new look is what we all want to achieve. This is mainly present in women who invest tons of money in cosmetic creams and tonics that promise the best image. This fantastic recipe will show you how easy it can be achieved with the help of Mother Nature. You eliminate stains, scars and traces of blackheads like magic, without spending money on expensive products. It’s best that you are in the comfort of your own home! All ingredients are well known because they have been used...

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency - must be read - Guide for Healthy Tips

Magnesium is very important for the human body, because it is involved in more than 300 metabolic processes in the body.Each of us needs magnesiumMagnesium is the eighth most abundant mineral on Earth and the third largest in sea water. More – only sodium. For us, the most important fact is that magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. Most of it is in bones and teeth (about 60-65%), and the rest is in muscle tissues and cells, in the blood.The role of magnesium in the human...

Start the day with bananas and hot water - when you see why - you will never stop - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Dare to try, and you will realize that it is incredibly worthy of your appearance and health. This diet, which means the beginning of the day with a banana and a cup of hot water, is known as the “morning banana”, and it’s very simple. This affects weight loss, because bananas actually stimulate digestion and increase the function of metabolism. Bananas are rich in starch, which has a low glycemic index, which means that it takes more time to fully digest and leave a feeling...

Start Eating These 12 Foods Every Day And Watch Your Eyesight Improve - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Aging presents inevitable process of every human life. You need to understand that the people with the period of aging are losing everything, the hair, the eyesight, the melanin, the pain in the joint starts and etc.These are the problems are those which are coming with this process and that process is inevitable.In addition to this post we are going to present you the foods that you need to consume in order to improve your eyesight, and stop losing it.The shape and length of...

Something that you should know is the difference between baking powder and baking! - Guide for Healthy Tips

There are many articles on the Internet about the numerous health benefits and various uses of baking soda. You probably used this ingredient as part of natural remedies or in the kitchen. However, many people do not know the difference between baking soda and baking powder. Although they seem similar, they are actually very different. Their chemical composition is different, so if you do not know how to distinguish them, keep reading. We are going to discuss the differences and the proper use...

Simple Exercise That Will Make You Lose Weight in Just 1 Week - Guide for Healthy Tips

2SHARESShareTweet Ladies and gentlemen, can I ask you something – do you want to lose weight without going to go to the gym or to follow some strict diet? Well, if your answer is YES, then you are in the right place.Yes, you got that right! In this article we’re going to show you a simple exercise, which will help you lose weight in just week. It’s very simple! You just have to take a look at the article below and find out more about this. (Scroll down for VIDEO)In my personal opinion, the best...

She used Coca-Cola to rinse her hair! That's what happened! (VIDEO) - Guide for Healthy Tips

Hair is one of the first things that people notice when they meet a woman, and it’s no surprise that most women and girls pay special attention to this part of the body. Those who want to keep their hair healthy are always ready to try some new methods and procedures that will help them maintain and improve the look of their hair. There are many women who believe that in addition to beer, which is like a drink that is often used as a means to form and strengthen hair, Coca Cola is another drink...

She Started Applying Coconut Oil Around Her Eyes. 5 Minutes Later… UNBELIEVABLE! - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Coconut oil is simply AMAZING! YES, it’s probably one of the most effective and beneficial ingredients when it comes to your health and beauty. And, now you probably ask yourself – why? Well, ladies and gentlemen, we can answer that question for you – because this super healthy oil contains high amounts of lauric acid, which is very useful and beneficial for treating the skin wrinkles, reduces rashes, improves the skin’s health and it’s also very useful in preventing acne appearance...

She put some salt on her new jeans ... I can not wait to try this! - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Let’s face it, that washing is one of those works that are not very popular, in other words – most people hate washing! However, there are some shortcuts and smart tricks to make this work more portable. In the next video you can see how your jeans can keep their nice appearance, how to remove smells and keep your car clean and much more … It’s amazing what you can do for your clothes using simple household ingredients.

Quick, Easy, Cheap Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Skin Tags - Guide for Healthy Tips

2SHARESShareTweet Skin tags, although usually harmless, can be an indication of something serious, or can just be annoying. Use apple cider vinegar to easily remove these tags.Skin tags are those fleshy little bubble extensions on your skin, which are medically known as ‘acrochorda’. These little skin growths are usually a sign of diabetes, on a more serious level. But they can also occur among those who are obese or overweight. On a less severe note, it can also occur as a result of friction ...

Potato diet - amazing results of weight loss! - Guide for Healthy Tips

We all want to lose weight right, and we want to lose it quickly !? So, what if we tell you that you can lose weight by just eating potatoes. In this article we will show you one very simple but extremely effective diet that will help you get rid of fat on your stomach and quickly lose weight! In addition to potatoes, you can include in this diet low-fat yogurt. This diet lasts 3 days. It’s very simple, just follow simple instructions and do not replace boiled potatoes fried! Here’s what you need...

One Month Before A Heart Attack – Your BODY Will ALERT YOU – Here are 6 Symptoms - Guide for Healthy Tips

Heart conditions and death caused by the heart attack took the place number one in the worldwide. It’s the most recent causes for deaths. The stressful and busy life and the all processed food we consumed are the very first reasons for heaving heart conditions.Changing the lifestyle and including more healthy foods in your diet will certainly help you to maintain good heart health. But it would be better if you know how to read the sings that your body sends you.Here is a list of 6 symptoms of ...

Often Do you feel tired? Be sure to make this drink! - Guide for Healthy Tips

In order not to introduce toxins into the blood, you must sometimes cleanse your body. The retention of toxins in the blood makes us chronically tired, we suffer from bloating and blood circulation problems. These problems can be easily eliminated by making this drink in your kitchen. All you need is garlic and red wine. This elixir cleanses the blood, removing excess fat and salt from the body and speeds up the metabolism. Ingredients: – 12 cloves of garlic (parts) – half a liter of red wine...

NOTE: Fever in children can be reduced in less than 5 minutes using these methods. - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet It’s good to apply some solutions. Specialists have long established that if the child is healthy, then the fever should not be a cause for concern. If your children still have a temperature, because of which they do not feel comfortable, you can do something, but it is important to know that if a child has fever and fever more than three days, do not avoid visiting the pediatrician. Fever in children can be reduced within five minutes using this method. Brandy Water Pour...

Natural Home Remedies for Acne - Guide for Healthy Tips

Orange peel: orange peel is also a good tool for treating acne – effective crushed orange peel with a water base applied to the acne. A face scrub made from orange peel and gram flour is also effective. Lemon juice: Lemon juice, regularly used for acne, effectively reduces it. Vitamin C in this does the trick. Lemon juice mixed with the same amount of mint, also reduces inflammation. Garlic: garlic, rubbed on acne more than once a day, clears the acne hardness. Three pods of raw garlic, eaten...

Just 1 cup a day: you will get used to this drink, and you will forget everything about heart diseases and heart attacks! - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Before we begin with this article, you should know that this incredible facility is in walnuts or, more precisely, in the walnut partitions that are located between the cores. This remedy is especially recommended for smokers. The narrowing of the coronary arteries is often the result of chronic nicotine poisoning, as well as the consumption of fatty foods. Coronary artery disease, also called ischemic heart disease, or simply cardiovascular disease, is the No. 1 killer in ...