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You need to know the difference between a heart attack, cardiac arrest and a stroke - Guide for Healthy Tips

According to some people, stroke, heart attack and cardiac arrest are one and the same. These conditions differ in symptoms, background and severity. It is important to know the differences between conditions, to know how to help the patient, and to prevent any of the conditions to become more serious. Infarction This refers to a blood circulation disorder, and if the blood flow is blocked or deprived of oxygen, the blood will not reach the heart muscle and can kill the organ if it is not treated...

This is exactly how much water you need to drink every day to ensure maximum weight loss - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Water does not receive the same media attention as green tea, antioxidants and the latest fad diets. Nevertheless, it plays a much more important role in our daily lives and our bodies. Our bodies consist of about 60% water, and each system depends on it. Water is important for healthy skin, hair and nails, as well as for monitoring body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. Losing excess weight can be very difficult, but fortunately, switching to an old good H2O can ...

They told you that it was good to drink hot water with lemon, but they did not tell you about it - Guide for Healthy Tips

There are many experts who argue that lemon water before breakfast has great health benefits, in fact you have the right reason to start drinking lemon water because it is the best way to keep your body hydrated and also helps to eliminate harmful toxins. In lemon you will find such nutrients as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamins A, C and B, as well as fibers of pectin, proteins and carbohydrates. Lemonic acid of lemon possesses strong antibacterial and antiviral force, and also...

Start Eating These 12 Foods Every Day And Watch Your Eyesight Improve - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Aging presents inevitable process of every human life. You need to understand that the people with the period of aging are losing everything, the hair, the eyesight, the melanin, the pain in the joint starts and etc.These are the problems are those which are coming with this process and that process is inevitable.In addition to this post we are going to present you the foods that you need to consume in order to improve your eyesight, and stop losing it.The shape and length of...

One Month Before A Heart Attack – Your BODY Will ALERT YOU – Here are 6 Symptoms - Guide for Healthy Tips

Heart conditions and death caused by the heart attack took the place number one in the worldwide. It’s the most recent causes for deaths. The stressful and busy life and the all processed food we consumed are the very first reasons for heaving heart conditions.

Changing the lifestyle and including more healthy foods in your diet will certainly help you to maintain good heart health. But it would be better if you know how to read the sings that your body sends you.

Here is a list of 6 symptoms of heart attack:

  1. Chest pressure

This symptom is the most ignored. People often think that this is nothing special and do not pay special attention to it. This is clear sign that something is wrong with your heart and a heart attack will occur in the near future. Next time- visit your doctor!!!

  1. Shortness of breath

The lungs and the heart are two systems that are connected. Lack of oxygen in the lungs means that your heart won’t get the blood that need to come through it. If you have troubles while breathing, see your doctor immediately, your heart attack maybe is closer than you are aware of.

  1. Cold and Flu Symptoms

There are evidences that lots of people had suffered from cold and flu just before heart attack. If you have heart condition and frequently cold and flu symptoms please visit your doctor.

  1. Cold Sweats and Dizziness

This symptom can indicate that you have poor circulation which affects the brain and the heart.

  1. Fatigue

If you feel constant fatigue even after you have been sleeping or resting means that you have improper blood circulation and blood flow to your heart.

  1. Weakness

When your arteries become narrow they don’t allow the blood to circulate properly which means that the muscles are not getting what they need, and this could cause you to fall. So be very careful if you start experiencing some kind of weakness and see your doctor.

It is essential to learn and recognize these symptoms. If you have heart problems or just some of this symptoms be aware of your health and seek medical attention as soon as you notice that something is wrong. It is the best to stop something that can harm you even more.


NOTE: Fever in children can be reduced in less than 5 minutes using these methods. - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet It’s good to apply some solutions. Specialists have long established that if the child is healthy, then the fever should not be a cause for concern. If your children still have a temperature, because of which they do not feel comfortable, you can do something, but it is important to know that if a child has fever and fever more than three days, do not avoid visiting the pediatrician. Fever in children can be reduced within five minutes using this method. Brandy Water Pour...

How to permanently eliminate the pain in the back and neck - without drugs! - Guide for Healthy Tips

Can I ask you a simple question – do you know who loves back pain? Well, I can answer this question for you – no one. Yes, you got it right – no one! Back pain is a chronic disease that people face all day and every day. There is an almost endless number of causes of back pain and an endless amount of painkillers on the market to mask the pain. However, these pain medications are a serious health threat and, in the end, can cause some side effects. Experts say that back pain includes low back...

An easy way to remove pesticides from your fruits and vegetables - Guide for Healthy Tips

With food prices tied to the skies and deferments from pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit and vegetables will soon become a luxury item for those who can afford free chemical and organic products. The source of pesticide residues in our food can be the use of pesticides in crops, residues left in fruits and vegetables, or by using pesticides in homes for disinfection. Pesticide residues, as soon as in our system can be the cause of several acute and chronic diseases. Therefore...