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This man ate 2 tablespoons of coconut oil twice a day, and it happened to his brain - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Coconut oil is famous for its innumerable health benefits. Although it is generally used for moisturizing, dental care and as a delicious vegetable oil, Dr. Newport believes that this is also useful for improving cognition. The theory of Dr. Mary Newport surrounds the idea that digestion of coconut oil causes the production of ketones. Ketones, in her opinion, could become an alternative fuel for the brain, which can benefit those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Steve...


0SHARESShareTweet A large number of adults and many children just lose hot dogs. Nevertheless, we all know that this food contains almost no nutrients. However, hot dogs are usually included in the breakfast along with bread, eggs, cheese, coffee or milk. However, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, consumption of only one hot dog daily raises the risk of colorectal cancer by 21%. Moreover, children who eat 12 or more hot dogs within a month are more susceptible to the ...

They told you that it was good to drink hot water with lemon, but they did not tell you about it - Guide for Healthy Tips

There are many experts who argue that lemon water before breakfast has great health benefits, in fact you have the right reason to start drinking lemon water because it is the best way to keep your body hydrated and also helps to eliminate harmful toxins. In lemon you will find such nutrients as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamins A, C and B, as well as fibers of pectin, proteins and carbohydrates. Lemonic acid of lemon possesses strong antibacterial and antiviral force, and also...

These 9 Pain Types Are Directly Linked To Emotional Stress - Guide for Healthy Tips

window.___gcfg = {lang:'en_US',parsetags: 'onload'};window.___gcfg = {lang:'en_US',parsetags: 'onload'};Western medicine has ignored the connection between the body and emotions, spirit and mind. People often experience connections between the emotional and physical, but this connection is usually ignored. You need to begin a journey towards true health. Start by paying attention to the following signs:Pain in the headPain in the head, such as headaches might be caused by everyday stress. You need...

Start the day with bananas and hot water - when you see why - you will never stop - Guide for Healthy Tips


Dare to try, and you will realize that it is incredibly worthy of your appearance and health.

This diet, which means the beginning of the day with a banana and a cup of hot water, is known as the “morning banana”, and it’s very simple.

This affects weight loss, because bananas actually stimulate digestion and increase the function of metabolism.

Bananas are rich in starch, which has a low glycemic index, which means that it takes more time to fully digest and leave a feeling of satiety for a long time, partially blocking the absorption of carbohydrates.

People who want to try this diet should avoid dinner after 8 pm and avoid desserts after dinner.

Of all products, you should not eat only dairy products and alcohol, and the only other requirement is that the bananas are fresh, not fried or frozen.

Thus, the usual daily menu should include the following:


One or more bananas (until you feel completely)

One cup of hot water


Dishes of your choice and fresh salad

Sweets and desserts are allowed until 15:00 in the afternoon, if you feel hungry


Food containing many vegetables

Skip dessert

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Start Eating These 12 Foods Every Day And Watch Your Eyesight Improve - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Aging presents inevitable process of every human life. You need to understand that the people with the period of aging are losing everything, the hair, the eyesight, the melanin, the pain in the joint starts and etc.These are the problems are those which are coming with this process and that process is inevitable.In addition to this post we are going to present you the foods that you need to consume in order to improve your eyesight, and stop losing it.The shape and length of...

Simple Exercise That Will Make You Lose Weight in Just 1 Week - Guide for Healthy Tips

2SHARESShareTweet Ladies and gentlemen, can I ask you something – do you want to lose weight without going to go to the gym or to follow some strict diet? Well, if your answer is YES, then you are in the right place.Yes, you got that right! In this article we’re going to show you a simple exercise, which will help you lose weight in just week. It’s very simple! You just have to take a look at the article below and find out more about this. (Scroll down for VIDEO)In my personal opinion, the best...

She used Coca-Cola to rinse her hair! That's what happened! (VIDEO) - Guide for Healthy Tips

Hair is one of the first things that people notice when they meet a woman, and it’s no surprise that most women and girls pay special attention to this part of the body. Those who want to keep their hair healthy are always ready to try some new methods and procedures that will help them maintain and improve the look of their hair. There are many women who believe that in addition to beer, which is like a drink that is often used as a means to form and strengthen hair, Coca Cola is another drink...

Often Do you feel tired? Be sure to make this drink! - Guide for Healthy Tips

In order not to introduce toxins into the blood, you must sometimes cleanse your body. The retention of toxins in the blood makes us chronically tired, we suffer from bloating and blood circulation problems. These problems can be easily eliminated by making this drink in your kitchen. All you need is garlic and red wine. This elixir cleanses the blood, removing excess fat and salt from the body and speeds up the metabolism. Ingredients: – 12 cloves of garlic (parts) – half a liter of red wine...

How to stop a heart attack per minute - Guide for Healthy Tips

Someone near you suffers a heart attack. Now you will learn to do the right things, and it’s not for panic and just so that it does not happen. All you need is cayenne pepper. This ingredient is so powerful that it can stop it in just 1 minute. According to healers and herbalists, they never lost a patient with a heart attack. They always bring cayenne pepper with them into their pockets. As soon as a heart attack occurs, you will need to take 1 tsp. Cayenne pepper and pour it into hot water, ...

How to permanently eliminate the pain in the back and neck - without drugs! - Guide for Healthy Tips

Can I ask you a simple question – do you know who loves back pain? Well, I can answer this question for you – no one. Yes, you got it right – no one! Back pain is a chronic disease that people face all day and every day. There is an almost endless number of causes of back pain and an endless amount of painkillers on the market to mask the pain. However, these pain medications are a serious health threat and, in the end, can cause some side effects. Experts say that back pain includes low back...

Health & Love Page - General Description - Guide for Healthy Tips

4SHARESShareTweet general description … Health conveys hope; He who has hope loves with devotion; He who loves with devotion is rewarded with the same amount of love; He, who is loved, the whole world in the palm of his hand … Dear All, At the very beginning, we would like to thank you for visiting this site. We assure you that you have made the best choice, because we will provide a lot of useful information about health and love. We believe that this information will be very useful in the...

Fingerprints that make us unique - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet We all know that the first thing the police are looking for in a criminal case is fingerprints. They are a unique identifier that can tell exactly who they belong to, given what they have, what to compare with. They were used for many centuries, in China, for example, the letters were stored in clay, on which the author’s fingerprint would then be stamped. In the late 1800s, Henry Folds, a medical missionary in Japan, first published a study on the uniqueness of these prints...

Dark humor indicates a high IQ, according to a study - Guide for Healthy Tips

5SHARESShareTweet Recently an article appeared on the Internet about a man who fell into the Yellowstone hot spring and completely disappeared in a few hours. It can be a painful story, but you have to admit that it is scientifically hypnotizing one, how much you do not like. There were various comments on this topic, but one of the most common was something like “Well, now I know where to hide the dead body in an emergency situation.” Some people may find this comment inappropriate, but if ...

Clean your arteries with this powerful fruit - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Grenades have been used for their therapeutic benefits in the entire Middle East and the Far East for thousands of years. Garnets are rich in ellagic acid, an antioxidant and caustic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acid Omega 5, which is useful for cell regeneration. Juice is an excellent source of vitamins A, C and E, as well as minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and others. Fruits contain many nutrients, such as quercetin, which helps protect the body from diabetes...

Can exercise cause an early period? - Guide for Healthy Tips

Aunt Flo is a blessing and a curse. This is a sign that our bodies are healthy! Unfortunately, she also has a habit of appearing at the most uncomfortable time. It can make it difficult to plan a big event, such as a vacation or a wedding. Fortunately, you can perform certain exercises to prepare your period. They do not bother with your hormones, so they are safe. You also get a good workout, so why not? Here are the five best exercises to start an early period. 5 exercises to cause menstruation...

Absolute guide to deep squatting squats - Guide for Healthy Tips

Deep squats strengthen the lower body and increase muscle mass. Stand upright with your legs, shoulder width apart. Put your hands forward to maintain balance. Bend your knees and lower your ass. Sit down until your hips settle on the calves. Avoid rounding your back (hold it flat). Keep your heels on the floor everywhere. Then slowly rise until you are in an upright position and repeat the exercise. Squats burn many calories and can quickly increase muscle mass. Unfortunately, most people do...

5 Superfoods That Make You Look Younger - Guide for Healthy Tips

0SHARESShareTweet Aging is a natural process, but your lifestyle choices and diet can make it better or worse. There are various products in the market that prevent the aging process, but we undo the benefits by our unhealthy eating habits.Apart from various synthetic products that promise dramatic anti-aging results, super foods also plays a vital role in the aging process.“You are what you eat” is an old adage that has never been more true. Know these 5 anti-aging super foods and how they benefit...